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The push – kick for building balance

August 7, 2013

Here is a simple in theory exercise that takes strength and balance to perform smoothly. 

Push Kick exercise

Stan doing a push kick

1)    Shift your weight to your right and put your left toe on the floor. Your left knee should be bent

2)    Raise your left knee up to waist high and push your leg out straight, pushing your heel toward the opposite wall..

3)    Pull your leg back in and slowly lower your let.

4)    Do 5 kicks, holding the last to a count of 5 before lowering

5)    Shift your weight to your left leg and repeat the sequence with your right leg.



1)    If you don’t have a lot of leg strength, use a chair for balance, using the fingers of one hand on the chair and pushing with the other.

2)    Do more repetitions and hold between each

3)    Extend the length of the hold count

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