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Give a big hug and take deep breaths – a great stress reduction exercise

August 19, 2013

This is a simple standing movement with a step out and step in.  It works on coordination, timing and breathing while also giving some weight bearing and breathing exercise.

How does it go?  Read on:

  1. Starting from an upright stance, hands loose by your sides.
  2. Shift your weight to your right leg, keeping as much weight on your right left for support as you need.
  3. Open your arms, palms facing out and lean forward to the right letting your arms move forward as if reaching out to gather for a hug.
  4. As you shift your weight back and to the left foot, cross your arms and pull in towards your chest.
  5. Drop your arms back to the center stance position and repeat.
  6. Do this movement to 5 times to both right and left sides.
  7. Breath in as you reach out, exhale as you come back in.  Take your time, move and breath as slowly as you can as you reach out and pull back in.


  1. Take a forward right step and weight your right foot as you reach out.  As you pull back, shift your weight to your left or rear foot.  Repeat this with both right and left forward steps when using this option.
  2. Repeat to each side 5 times and relax back to center stance.


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