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Push the Swing – simple yet effective shoulder & arm movement

September 4, 2013

Here is a simple to do movement that works the shoulders in smooth subtle rolling motion.  When used the the diaphragmatic breathing technique it gives an effective and calming effect along with the stretch.

 Push the Swing:

  1. Starting from center stance let your arms very slowly float up to chest level.
  2. Slowly pull your arms back in towards your chest, then, very slowly push back out as if you are pushing someone on a swing.
  3. Your palms should be facing forward, fingers extended and relaxed with very slight bends. Keep your hands loose with no tension in your wrists.
  4. As you push out, let your body drop into a knee bend.
  5. Extend your arms fully but keep a slight bend in your elbows.
  6. Next, imagine the swing coming back as you rise up from the knee bend while bringing your arms slowly back to your chest.
  7. Repeat this movement 5 times then relax back to center stance


  1. As you raise your arms, take a forward step with your right foot and shift your weight to your right foot as you push the swing. As you let the swing come back, shift your weight to your left or back foot.  As you repeat the push of the swing, shift your weight back and forth. Repeat this with 5 times to both right and left forward steps when using this option.



Step 2


Step 5


Step 6


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