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No Magic, No Trickery …. just simple mechanics for keeping upright and balanced.

October 30, 2013

This past Saturday I did a balance exercise demo at the Chester Senior Resource Center. I talked about feeling your center of gravity and explained the principal of shifting weight and covered the following:

  • shifting your center of balance over your supporting leg(s)
  • the upright stance – and why looking down is ripe for falls
  • the rolling step vs and shuffle step
  • keeping aware of your movement
  • keeping a relaxed upper body, shoulders and arms
  • moving from the hips and core

The seniors who came participated in some practice walking and shifting of weight incorporating all of the above topics. Most were surprised at how they felt during the movements.

Taken  at the Chester SRC (Senior Resource Center) in Chester, NJ

Taken at the Chester SRC (Senior Resource Center) in Chester, NJ

Yesterday one of the woman showed up for class to learn more. She said “there is no magic and no trickery in what your showed me on Saturday It is a simple body mechanics issue that helped me stand on one leg for the first time in many years!”.

Learning is an ongoing life process, and when you learn how to better balance and take care of yourself you add a huge amount of quality to your years.

What are you doing to help keep fit, mobile and to stay independent as you age?

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