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The power of peer support and exercise

November 6, 2013

Many people have asked me if I suggest private lessons or group classes for learning my program, or any exercise program for that matter.

For some, private lessons are perfect, however for the majority the social aspect and support from a group have a huge benefit.  For example:

Yesterday a new student, who happens to be an older senior man attending just his third session was looking a little lost while following the exercises.  He said he was having a hard time remembering all the movements and “there is a lot to do and think about”.

I mentioned to him not to get to frustrated as he is new to the class and that before too long he will catch on and catch up.

Immediately another man, the 95 year old in the class chimed in with “don’t get frustrated, just relax and do your best.  At our age it is about the fun, not the perfection”.

Right after class, many of the women went over to him and said things like don’t quit, don’t give up, keep coming and you will benefit and just about every other encouragement you could ask for.

From a teachers perspective, I was thrilled that these seniors see enough value to the class to push this new person into staying at it.

It really made me smile 🙂

Do you have a support group to help keep you on track in your fitness goals?

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