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We are faced with health and lifestyle choices at every turn… and your answer is?

November 20, 2013

I call bad choices when I see them

A perfect example of what frustrates me:

Today at the Pburg activity center a man came in while I was doing a balance move and said of himself:  “I would fall flat on my face and at 6’4″, it’s a long way down”.
We talked for a bit and he said he is getting neuropothy and his balance if going because of it. He said “maybe I need to do this stuff I see you do each week”. Of course I agreed.

He then went to his table and sat down with his back to me and chatted all session with his buddy.

I had this nasty quick thought of “have a nice trip. see you next ….. I know I know, I should not be that flip, but hey, ….

What bad choices are making that will help you age faster and less healthy?

Most of the time I see the question posed as “what are you doing today to help keep you unhealthy as you age. I felt asking the opposite may help you look at your lifestyle differently.

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