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Paying attention pays it forward to yourself – A hidden cause of falls exposed

November 21, 2013

Usually when you hear talk of fall prevention you think first of an aging senior who trips over their feet, loses their balance,  has some sort of medical condition which effects their stability or, hmmm,  is just old.

Well,  needless to day,  seniors are not alone in the area of falls and accidents.  Often times,  even the healthiest and “most balanced” of a person falls due to lack of attention to their surroundings.

We are talking general awareness here folks… Falls are not relegated only to the aging.
Here is a short piece out of an article on It was talking on the subject of workplace safety:

“The vast majority of slips and falls occur because the person is not paying attention to where they are walking or what they’re doing and they either trip on something or the floor surface is slippery. We can describe slips and falls as a dual cause accident. We say dual because there may be two causes. First, the person wasn’t paying attention.”

Where this come into place is that aging only exacerbates the issues of attention loss.

Focusing on movement exercises and working on fall prevention exercises helps to increase your overall awareness of body movement making you safer at any age in an any situation.

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