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Expectations vs Reality – Fit to be Tried

November 25, 2013

The following is some feedback from today’s class at the gym from one of the seniors who has been taking my balance and Chi Movement Skills class:

“I know I have noticed changes. I can’t say exactly what they are but overall I feel different and better”.I smiled and congratulated her for being aware of the subtleties she is experiencing.  Many people ignore what is happening with themselves until they notice a major change.

All it takes is one little thing to give you incentive to keep working at improving. Change takes time. How much time is different for each individual.

I know many people who without a huge and immediate change in how they feel or look give up. When asked why they say “I am doing all this with not measurable results.

I can only say “wrong answer”.

What are your expectations for results when first starting a new type of exercise program?

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