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A change of heart, or at least a fixed one changes a life

December 11, 2013

I have been teaching my movement and balance programs at the Warren County NJ senior center for about two years now.  From day one there, one man and his lady friend have been participants, doing what they can, or their best so to speak with the exercises.

Each week the man would get just about 20 minutes into the program and begin to slow down. He would not complain, only say that he was tuckered out. You could see his concentration level drop as well as his energy while he was participating.  He enjoyed the movements but just could not keep up.

The last time I saw him, which was about three weeks ago he mentioned he needed to have a procedure, but did not tell me what it was. He just said it was keeping him from going to Florida as soon as he had planned.

Well, today he was back and told me he had some blockages cleared and was doing OK.  I asked if he had any limitations as far as exercise.  He laughed and said… only those I can’t do, but no, his doctor said he needs to exercise.

Well, today as we went through each exercise I kept asking “are you doing OK?” just to make sure he was not overdoing it.  Each time he said “yep, I’m doing fine”.

20 minutes came and went, then 30 and finally we ended at 50 minutes.  I asked him, “in general since your procedures have you felt any different?”.  He replied that he really had not seen much difference.  I said “do you realize you just did all the exercises and all of them much better than you had been doing them?”.   He smiled and only said, “how about that…  I never gave it a second thought”.

It will be 6 weeks now until he leaves for his yearly wintering over in Florida, and I am hoping to see him participating in the program each Wednesday until he leaves.  I am grateful to have him with me to share his own stories and humor.

And better yet, so that he is well enough to share his heart with his sweetie.

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