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If not for You, Who gets the benefits of your fitness?

January 8, 2014

Some quick food for thought…

You are aging, and if you found my site via searches you are probably over 55, which means you are aging faster.  Well, not really aging faster but getting “older”  and showing the results of that aging at a faster pace.

You may be single, married, have no children or grandchildren or have a full extended family.  Are you wondering where this is going?  Read on to find out.

I teach a lot of Tai Chi. If you don’t know,  this is a great exercise for seniors, aging boomers,  folks with disabilities and well, just about everyone.  It is a martial art,  and is known in some circles as a “selfish art form”.

Why selfish…  well, because it does not involve anyone else,  any competitions,  any belts or rankings… Tai Chi is all about the individual and their relationship to “it”…  the Art of the Movement.

The health benefits belong to the user, and there are many of those benefits to be had. Yet for the aging person, the benefits to themselves go far beyond them.  Relating back the start…  if you do have a family, the health benefits for an aging person are for them.

You get to increase your health as you age,  the family gets to keep you.

You increase your balance,  you reduce your chance for falls, your family benefits.

You keep your flexibility and mobility, your family gets to enjoy their time with you.

You work your mind and keep it functioning at a good cognitive level, your family gets you to remember them.

And the list goes on but….

You…  get my point?






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