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Are you budgeting for healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis?

January 20, 2014

It seems a lot of aging boomers are starting to suffer mightily from aging related illnesses.  They say “what do you expect, we are getting old”.   I look at how they live from day to day and from observing their habits it is not wonder that they incur many of the following issues:  are greatly overweight, short of breath, have bad posture, endure difficulty with steps and movement in general…  not to mention the diabetes and high blood pressure among a host of other ailments.

It seems this group also often heavily relies on the medical community to assist them through use of medications and other interventions.

On the flip side, there are the ones who want to keep active and take a preventative role in their own health care.

This group exercises, eats healthy, manages stress, and in general has a much better outlook on aging as something to enjoy,  not put up with.

Their overall lifestyle choices including where they spend their money is involved in living a healthier life.

From the Driving past the doughnut shop just a few minutes ago I had this thought:

People tell me that $10 a class is more than they can afford, then go in and buy a sweet or a breakfast sandwich and coffee for just about the same cost.

So my question is: do you make maintaining your health a priority or is it an afterthought in your lifestyle budgeting?

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