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Do you listen to your body?

February 9, 2014

The principal of listening to your body goes very deep.  It starts with simply feeling your body move and ends with a true sense or understanding yourself and your bodies overall condition.

A fact: We all have limitations no matter how great a shape or how bad of shape we are in. It is knowing what they really are that is important, not what we think they are.

When performing any exercise or simple daily movement, your body will tell you what you can or cannot do.  An issue or roadblock for many is that they tell their body instead of the other way around.  Their minds create the limitations.

In any movement however, you need to pay attention to each nuance and learn the difference between pain, an ache and a new feeling due to a new movement.

Often a body part will twinge and used differently than “normal”.  It may complain about a “pinch” or click as you go through a movement. It is the listening that will help to truly distinguish between something you can do or cannot do. 

The idea is to “not do” something just because you have taught your body that it can’t when it really can if you give it a chance.

  1. id love for you to follow my running journey


  2. Great examples of listening 🙂


  3. Great insight… Thanks!


  4. Elias, one of the great things about Tai Chi movement is the mindfulness if “forces” on you. The slow, deliberate and highly focused movements create a wonderful connection between your mind and body.


  5. The other difficult listening is knowing when your body is changing and responding to the change by adapting. As we get older, what once was easy can become a challenge. Instead of fighting the changes, listening and adapting will help you go further in the long run.


  6. Well said Linda… Thank! 🙂


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