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Do you perform posture self assessments?

February 23, 2014

Do you ever really look at how you stand?

  • how upright your posture is
  • where your weight is centered
  • how and where your feet are placed
  • how you hold your shoulders
  • and feel how much tension you carry?

I suggest using mirrors a few times a week to do the following.

Stand sideways to a full length mirror

Close your eyes, relax and feel yourself standing upright.

  1. is your weight even on both feet
  2. are you knees relaxed as they should be

Open your eyes and slowly turn your head to look at your reflection

  1. check to see if your thighs are tilted forward pulling your hips forward
  2. see if you  are leaning back or forward
  3. are you in a vertical line from head to ankle
  4. if you are plumb or  some other alignment

Do the same facing the mirror

  1. check to see if your shoulders are relaxed and even
  2. if your head is tilted to one side or vertical as it should be
  3. look down to see if your feet are even front to back, with toes pointed ahead instead of turned out

The hardest to check is the front to back head tilt

Ideally, you should be looking straight ahead, your chin slightly dropped, but not pulled forward and down or pulled back and up.

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