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You may ask: why all the bother with balance exercises?

February 25, 2014

People often ask me “why am I so into balance training”.

Think about this response directed at some of the issues related to fall prevention:

Do you:

  • climb stairs
  • step up onto or down off curbs
  • get in and out of vehicles
  • carry packages of any sort while walking
  • walk on any uneven surfaces
  • walk on slippery surfaces
  • have numbness in your feet
  • feel unsteady from time to time
  • think about falling

and / or

Have you ever slipped, tripped or stumbled due to any of the above conditions?

Has this begun to occur more often as you have aged?

The number of potential fall associated circumstances is long and almost endless for an aging boomer or senior.

The drastic decline in health, and often for older seniors a high mortality rate due to falls is staggering (no pun intended).

Don’t you think that addressing the issues and working on a prevention program as insurance before a fall would be a good idea?

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