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Before the fall – awareness is critical in prevention

May 21, 2014

I write and speak often about the physical side of fall prevention.

There are many points to consider and increase capabilities of including shifting weight, building strength and balance and focusing on the subtleties of how you feel while moving

One often overlooked and critical aspect of fall prevention is  the importance of general awareness of your surroundings and overall environment.

I read a a lot about removing obstacles and hazards from home such as throw rugs, extension cords and often even removing pets from a seniors home.

I don’t often read about working diligently with people to retrain them on making a habit of self checking themselves and their environment before moving or walking.

I will use the example of someone dear to my heart who is currently in a hospital bed recovering from surgery on a fractured wrist. It seems she picked up a robe to take home to wash for a friend, started to walk  and tripped on a piece of the robe that was dragging on the floor.

She is now facing 6 weeks of therapy in a rehab center and quite possibly a long term impediment to her independence.

Had she checked to make sure the robe was secured before starting to walk with her “package” she would be home enjoying her normal routine and not in post surgery recovery.

There will always be obstacles. It is how you deal with them that makes the difference.

The bottom line:  Take the time to slow down and pay attention to keep safe no matter ow young or old you are.

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