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Rules may need to be broken to achieve results

June 5, 2014

I just had an impromptu private class with a man who as been taking the beginner classes for awhile.

He uses a cane due to an inner ear disease. He is desperate to be rid of reliance on the cane.

During previous group sessions I had observed his walk and how he moved. He was having issues with transfer of weight mixed with some habits of movement due to his use of the cane.   Since no one else was around I chose to focus on a few types of  walking motions to work on with him.

We did a lot of rolling step while I kept modifying the technique to make it work better for him.

At one point he said, “is this still the right way to do the rolling step?”

I said, “do you want to follow rules or lose the cane?”

We worked for almost an hour and by the end he was doing modified stepping motion holding the cane off the ground.  A few times across the room and back.

It turns out we hit a combination of technique and application that may just work.

All fingers crossed as he will be practicing till the next time we meet.

My question to you is, do you do what by rote or do you work to modify and improve your techniques to achieve better results?

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