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Don’t you really just want to feel better?

July 4, 2014

The last month or so I have been asking students if they practice what they lean in class at home.

I don’t need them to tell me yes to make me happy, although it does when I see they are motivated.  I ask them because I want to see how motivated they are for themselves.

I also want to know what benefits due to the methods and forms of movement we practice are the most common.

Lo and behold what I hear more than anything is such a simple answer….   “I just feel better and it makes me want to do more”.  Many say, ‘I find that no-one needs to motivate me to practice.  Feeling better is enough motivation”.

I have mentioned in prior posts  (pardon my repeating myself)  that the feeling better is a very broad area.  For some it is purely mental.  For others it may be balance, flexibility, agility, concentration,  improvements in a medial condition, or any number of things that were causing them to feel bad.

The common thread is, they are all doing the same exercises, and feeling better.  And that is the bottom line.

I recently ran across this article from Aging Well that talks about the connection between mental and physical health for the aging.  It is not only true for them. It is true for all of us.

My question today is:

Are feeling the way you would like to feel, be it physically or mentally oriented?

If you are, what are you doing to maintain?  If not, perhaps you should try any form of exercise or movement that combines both mental and physical stimulation.   Tai Chi, and ChiForLiving  would be a great place to start.




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