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The beauty of connecting breath to motion

September 1, 2014

Tai Chi movement takes fairly intense concentration when first learning the methods and movements. Even for the experienced practitioner a new form or movement turns you back to a beginner. It is this concentration that I feel causes the “holding breath” syndrome.  

In classes I remind students to breath as I often see them holding their breath while going through certain motions or stances. Using the term natural breathing pattern or “whatever works for you” while they learn the movements and not to worry about diaphragmatic breathing until they know the movement patterns.

Attempting to learn both movement and breathing patterns at the same time usually creates unnecessary frustration.

Once the patterns are somewhat ingrained and more relaxed adding the breathing patterns brings a whole new dimension to the movements. The softening of the body, smoothness and sensation of motion, calming of mind, exchange of oxygen and flow of energy become on in synchronicity.

This needs to be felt to understand.  

The best is that is never stops getting better.  



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