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The center of it all – finding where your balance point starts

September 8, 2014

Today there was a new student in class who was having trouble.

It was very similar to what many students have issues with. 

She did not know were her center was.

You see, in Tai Chi movement, and especially in my ChiforLiving and Chi for Caring classes, centering is hugely important. It is where your movement starts from and is the home of your balance point.

The main visual cue to this issue is a “lean” to the side when shifting weight to one let or the other. The idea of :

  • upright stance
  • suspension of the upper body
  • being carried by the movement of the hips
  • feeling the movement
  • lightness of movement
  • soft knees 
  • and puling from the core

were all foreign without a point of reference to normal everyday movement.

So where is this center?

You may get many different answers to this however my view is that the center of movement, balance and gravity resides in the same place as your Chi center. About two inches below your navel, and dead center in your body at that point. About where your hips and spine align.

Why is this good to know, feel and use?

This point, or home of your balance is what your use to shift front, back, side to side and carry with you over whatever leg supports you during movement. Learning how to feel it, use and manage it is an integral part of keeping you upright.

How do you learn it?

Practice, practice and more practice of weight shifting movements until feeling it becomes second nature.  it goes hand in hand, or should I say “foot and leg” with building leg strength.

I do have an eBook for balance exercises.  Sign up for membership on the website and you can download a sample to try.


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