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Slow focused movement practice is good for everyone who does anything

October 17, 2014

The title of this may seem a bit broad in it’s rage, however it is true.

See if you agree with this:  Everything you do involves movement

If you do agree the idea needs no further explanation.

If you don’t agree than try this.  When you wake up in the morning try to so something, anything actually with no movement.  You will end up lying in bed with your eyes still closed for a very long time.  In fact, you will never get up as you will also need to stop breathing.

When you practice the focus on each nuance, moving slowly and connecting the feeling of motion with the control of the movement magic begins to happen.

Is this just Horse Sense?

This past week I taught a class to a group of Centenary College students at the Equine Program. I spoke with them about connecting the softness of their movement, their external and internal balance and how this relates to the horses they ride.

Their is an emotional connection to feeling your movement which is picked up by the animals.  One living creature to another.  Working with softness of movement, learning soft touch, gentle control and total balance transfers direct to the horse and completes the connection.

Best of all, They got it!

But I lift weights…

A perfect example for this is a gentleman, Bart, whom I work with at a local gym.  He is paralyzed from the solar plexus down. For years now he has been lifting and building strength in his shoulders and arms, doing as much as he can.

Since he started in my ChiforLiving class at the gym, he has made some interesting improvements.  Of course he cannot do the walking work yet he comes each week to do the upper body movement.  He has found that the slow controlled movement has helped him gain a balance that other exercise did not provide.  He feels more stability, improved range of movement and a better “feeling” of what is going on.

These are just to examples…  there are many more.

If you have not tried Tai Chi, Yoga, or in Northwest NJ my own ChiforLiving or Chi for Caring  programs and learned how to truly connect to inner and outer self I suggest you give it a try.  It may really surprise you.

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