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Are you following someone else’s or and old outdated fitness plan?

October 22, 2014

You know that old saying…

If you don’t have a destination any road will get you there!

This is ever so true with your fitness goals. You need an end goal, a reason to do what you do.

Checkpoints along the way will help you monitor how your plan is working, check your map and see if you still like or want the direction you are headed.

For me, I am not a weight lifting guy so my travels through gym memberships were like wandering in a desert. Everywhere I turned was a place I did not want to go or showed me things I did not want to see.

Tai Chi movement works for me. It fits my goals, it fits my personality and lifestyle and I get something out of every session.

If your fitness plan does not do something similar for you than something is missing and you need to adjust it before you get lost or turn around and give up.

Another old saying will end this: Which exercise is best? The one you do.

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