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The holiday benefits of Chiforliving and Tai Chi movement

December 13, 2014

And so it is Christmas (or Hanukkah) and it is time to decorate.

The ladders have been drug out, the boxes of stuff have been carried up and the work of hanging stuff begins.

At age 60, I find many of my peers leery of climbing, a two step step stool seems a fall waiting to happen for many of them.

The first attack of the chore is the lights around the hearth. It demands two ladders, each aside the stove, which itself it a third working platform.

Traversing back and forth between them, often straddling two while reaching out, up across and beyond as the wife and I search out the perfect placement for a colorful festive arrangement.

How many times are we up, down and across….?  As many as it takes to hang, look, and rehang.

And it is done!

So on to the ornaments.

Overhead, again with the ladder, and carrying with tools this time, and 13 more. The hammer, nail and hook, bringing to center beam a row of old but faithful bulbs, displayed once again in harmony of alignment.

The day rolls on, more ladders, more reaching and stretching. Multitasking limbs, appendages and all in a ballet of balance as we work among the clutter of belongings.

Thankful today once again for the benefits of my training. Strength to hold position, balance and control of movement, feeling of support, ability to reach overhead and step, not only up, but down as well with comfort of confidence.

You see, I train in my Chi movement, not to train, but to live.

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