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Make the effort count…a short vent on a bad excuse about exercise

January 23, 2015

I teach classes everyday, and there are always some who participate and many who don’t,  With those who don’t the story almost always goes like this:

 I see someone (a senior usually, but not always) struggling as they walk, or get out of a chair, or climb a short set of stairs.

You can see it takes them a tremendous amount of effort.

I say, “some simple exercises could very well help you”

They say “exercise is too much effort”.

Ummmm… see my frustration issue?

If you are going to make such an effort to move, which we all have to do to some extent, doesn’t it make sense to make it count?

If a little bit of directed effort can ease a bit of the strain of daily activity,…  …  well, you get my point.

  1. Motivating people is a challenge, and involves a set of skills. Presenting facts is a rather low odds path to success. People don’t work that way. Poor tools offer poor results.


  2. Greg.. I agree.. I use humor, stories, and a host of methods to engage folks. Some folk are quite the challenge and will never participate no matter I or anyone else does with or for them.

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  3. The biggest mistake I see the most often: people try what comes automatically, and keep up with the sma eregardless of results. Simply trying out different tactics makes a huge difference, and people are too unpredictable and variable to ignore ways to learn on the fly – Greg


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