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Nike was right… “Just Do It” does work and pay dividends

January 25, 2015

Push-ups… my new routine for this year.. I give up on them all the time so now I am really trying..

Upper body strength has never been my “strong suit”.   I have been a runner, skate boarder, Frisbee fanatic, hiker, biker and well, you see the trend.

Working on chest, back, shoulders and arms never thrilled me… so now at 60 years of age I am making an effort to change.  At least a little

I started with 5, and am up to 12. And starting on morning and evening sets. I hate them yet enjoy the progress. (and yes, against the wall push-ups work for those who cannot get to the floor)

Now, If I told myself I would do 20 or none at all since less would be a waste of time I would have quit after the first set thinking, 20 is so far away from where I am today.

The same goes for increasing balance, building leg strength or any movement / exercise. Doing a little to get you to the point of doing lot.

Planning for improvement. Manageable, measurable and doable goals.

Nike coined it and it is still true today…. Just Do It…..

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