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Multiple methods of teaching.. all in a days work of presenting a movement program

January 29, 2015

One of the great things about teaching my Chi for Caring and ChiForLiving programs is using multiple methods of instruction and getting to see how the students react.

Since what I teach has many facets, it requires a lot of focus and attention by myself as the leader and the participants as the students.


  • The movements takes a lot of explaining. I need to talk a lot, and the participants need to hear a lot.
  • I also need to make physical adjustments to their positions from time to time.
  • An lastly, it is very visual. The participants need to watch and follow and attempt to mimic in their own way, and capabilities.

Every time I tell the students that I am not going to speak for a section of the class I normally hear a collective “gasp” as their fear of the unknown rears it’s head.

However it is not unknown. It is their memory being tested and forced to use what is known, but unrealized knowledge of self.

Today was a perfect example.  It was a smaller class due to weather conditions so it was a good day to play.

We went through the warm-ups,  did some balance work and then a few times through the three part form.  All with me speaking the instructions.

Then I had them follow without hearing words.  Relying on their muscle memory and visual cues.

They all did much better than they anticipated and all were surprised.  I told them, when I speak you are following with your ears, not really paying attention to your bodies.  I told them “When I don’t speak, you hear and feel yourself and get a better sense of how you are moving”.

All three methods are valuable.  Sound, touch and sight.  together they make a great system of instruction and great way to learn.

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