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A really nice student testimonial. Sometimes you need to self-promote and tout your skills :)

May 8, 2015

I received this yesterday in my inbox from a student who has been coming to classes twice a week at two locations.  She gets to participate in two similar but different types of classes by doing this.

Following is the testimonial she wrote which I much appreciate.


Stan Cohen is a creative and enthusiastic Tai- Chi teacher, who constantly tweaks and revises  his teaching techniques.

He has a wide- ranging  command of Tai- Chi , and always brings something new to the class, whether it’s a different perspective or a more in- depth explanation of the form.  The class atmosphere is both light- hearted and serious. He keeps his students focused by sharing his short and long- term goals for the class.

Being a keen observer of individual student progress, he can structure his class very effectively – being supportive but leaving enough space for everyone to proceed at their own pace. He ends classes with Qi – Gong breathing exercises , so that everyone leaves feeling more relaxed and energized.

An excellent teacher!


Thank you Leslie!

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