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There are teaching challenges daily, for both the student and the teacher

May 8, 2015

“There was a new 86 year old woman in class this morning.

She immediately told me: I have to tell  you I am blind and have been since birth…  (she is mostly blind… about 98%.. she can see faint shadows and can barely hear).. So I placed myself right in front of herAs we started in the exercises she said again

I am blind and have no idea what you are doing… this will never work for me”

me: can you hear
her: I am blind
me: but can you hear
her: not much, but I can’t see what you are doing
me: but you can hear a little
her: yes, but I can’t see
me: do the best you can
her: I just need to tell you I am blind
me: I don’t care, you arms and legs don’t need eyes to move, don’t worry about doing exactly what I do, just move
her: smile

by the end of class she was doing some of the simple movements by following shadows and listening to voice instruction.

I treated her the same as any other student although I did move closer to her to aid in her attempts to see and hear and occasionally gave her a physical touch instruction.  One of the activity personnel also gave her some touch cues.

She said as she was leaving, this was hard for me but I did try.  That she did which was all I was after.  Hopefully she will be back in two weeks when I meet with that group again.

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