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When desire overshadows doctors orders – a post cancer surgery student takes her own action

May 31, 2015

It was great having Cheryl back in class on Friday.

She is just three weeks out from a round of reconstructive surgery and felt a strong need to get back to work on her balance training and Chi for Caring mobility fitness.

She had sent me a note right after her surgery stating how working on her balance and leg strength had benefited her and that she would be back as soon as she was able.  I found out she felt it was about time.

I asked her… are you really OK to be here.  Did your doctor say it was OK? What about your stitches and your ability to raise your arms?  (we do a lot of overhead stretching and reaching).

She said, “well, I am not here on doctors release, but I could not wait for it.  I need to be here, it is too important”.

I asked what she felt she could do and she was comfortable with the idea of working on balance and some low lifts, from arms hanging by her sides to rib cage height. The rest of the class was happy to work on only what Cheryl could do so we modified the class to an hour of balance work and some simple Qigong  breathing work.

After class she thanked me for modifying and said that although it tired her out she was really glad she made the call to come and that I should expect her back next week.

I asked if she was going to tell her doctor about her choice,  She simply smiled.

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