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Big changes take little steps to get there… leg strength and balance is a journey of patience

June 3, 2015

I love good stories to tell..  you should all know this by now…  🙂

In Chester, NJ at the SRC, an 80 year old woman has been coming to class to improve her balance.  She has been to neurologists, numerous doctors, a balance clinic, had scans up and down and all around but no-one has been able to tell her why she has the balance issues.

She has been attending classes since last September and has been frustrated by the lack of major improvement.  I have been saying that incremental steps in improvement is what it takes to build a major change.

All along she has been nodding and saying I believe you but…   why am I having so much trouble.

I have told her my viewpoint which is.  Balance takes strength, awareness, focus, and a skill-set.  You need to develop all of them to work in unison.  Since you are starting from scratch, and, being 80, it will take a bit longer.  You need to be patient and celebrate any change or improvement you notice.

As the weeks have gone by she has shown some slight improvement. Not huge, and from her standpoint, not worth mentioning.  From my view watching her,  and as a teacher, I find them huge.

I could see more control on side to side shifting, not as much lean and overall awareness of her movement.  She said since she could still not balance on one leg she felt as if she was not making any progress.


Yesterday, in the toe tap movement, wouldn’t you know…  she did moving single leg balance enough to do front and back taps, and side to side taps.

Not huge movements or hold, but they were there.  We made eye contact and she beamed.

After class she was thrilled to talk about it.  She said but I still can’t stand and lift one leg and hold.  I asked her to show me but to really focus on feeling the  movement, to move slowly and concentrate on only the muscles needed to to the lift.

And she was successful!

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