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The Benefits of play as it relates to aging and older adults

July 16, 2015

I like the stress the action of maintaining an attitude of play. It is a mindset that I find relaxing and rewarding.

I ran across a study today from the American Journal of Play. It talks about the value of play in aging adults. It is a long read but interesting if you are into studies.

Here is the link to the pdf:

The excerpt below is taken from the study overview.

Playful older adults are psychologically upbeat: they are happy, optimistic,cheerful, joyful, positive, relaxed, and enthusiastic individuals. The descriptors under this factor are a mix of high arousal (cheerful, joyful, enthusiastic), low arousal (relaxed), and generic (happy, optimistic, positive) psychological status. Numerous studies document that balance between positive and negative emotional states fosters emotional health.

We also know that: frequently emotionally positive individuals build emotional resources, becoming more resilient to hardship: specific positive emotions (such as joy, interest, contentment, and love) are particularly important to emotional health and individual levels of positive emotions can be substantially increased. What we do not know, however, is the role of playfulness in emotional health.”
In your actions on a daily basis, do you take the time to play?
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