No matter what dance you are learning, you need to practice, practice and practice some more for it to become smooth and flowing.

For those who have tried Tai Chi and/or Qigong and found it unfriendly, felt clumsy or felt it too slow and complex have not given themselves or the art a fair chance.

Like any dance, the art of movement is an art which takes time, practice and patience to make it your own, internalized and part of your way of life.

The Dance of Tai Chi and Qigong become a wonderful way to play, to entertain yourself without the worry of competition or criticism.

The health benefits of movement are well documented, easily searched for on the web. It keeps you active both physically and mentally, and can be done by anyone using modifications to fit specific needs or capabilities.

It is not quite like magic, but it is close.  🙂

I suggest that if you have tried Tai Chi or Qigong, or my own ChiforLiving program and found it not for you, give them another shot.

Your body and brain, as you age will be glad you did.