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When life events put your fitness training to use, magic happens

October 27, 2015

I love this comment from a 70 plus year old student this afternoon on the benefits of a breathing technique we go over in class.

She told me that this past week she had a vestibular MRI.

She said she had been very nervous due to her claustrophobia.   Knowing that her head would be “strapped”  to keep it still and her whole body in a tunnel put her very much on edge and she was wired the day she had it.

As she lay on the table waiting to be slid into the machine she said she thought “Stan said laying in bed with o e had on my chest and one on my belly is the best way to practice diaphragmatic breathing”.

Looking and behold…   She tried it and the focusing on her breathing relaxed her and helped to get her through the 40 minute long scan.

Putting skills to use.   How great is that!

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