Another year had come and gone,  almost.  Most people I know use this as a time for reflection and planning for the coming year.   It just seems to be the way we are wired,  or at least trained to think.

I was lucky. I was privileged to train with Tom Sulick, an interesting man who had at the time a perspective on  life that resonated with me.

One day when I was studying with Sensei Tom I asked him, “when will I truly know this set of movements?”.

He smiled and replied “never”.

I was stunned and said “you mean no matter how much time I put into this I will never know it?”

He replied “the more you study the more you will understand. The more you understand the greater your ability to learn.  This is an ever expanding circle of knowing.  You will gain insights into the form and how you move, but will never reach a final truth or end of learning.”

This coming year, when you set your goals don’t make it so far reaching that the end is unreachable.  Small, incremental and achievable goals make them doable.

Celebrate each victory and reset to a new goal.

Right now, start the process of planning for where you see yourself at the end of your first goal.


For myself, the kick you see in the photo is to be able is to kick a few inches higher by the end of 2016.  I would say waist high, but if I see that a few years down the road.  This coming year, a little higher will be fine by me.

And yes, when I reach it will will celebrate with a nice little  dance before I reset.