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Aging, life and the decline of our temples

January 19, 2016
We all our issues, and goals. Sometimes our bodies, and yes, our personal temples, get in the way.

One of the main complaints I hear is I can no longer do the things I used to do. For many, this is where attitudes begin to fall apart,  desire to keep working at life begin to fade and the determination to keep moving to keep moving end.

I love when I get the students who see life different. The ones  who don’t want to quit and want to overcome what life has tossed in their way.

One of my senior students, a man in his 70’s with many physical issues asked me if I really thought my methods of movement training would fix his problems.I told him “I could not and would not say they would fix them, but that there is a very good chance of making them more manageable”.

I said “after all, you spent many years getting to this point, and both you and nature have played havoc on your body. My goal is to help you get to know your body the way it is now, and to figure out how to best make it work for you from this point forward”

That garnered a smile from the man who said, “let’s keep it moving forward then”

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  1. That’s the spirit

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