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It is not the what, but the why when it comes to your fitness goals

January 20, 2016

Thought:  Assuming someone who practices Tai Chi for an hour or less a day wants to become a “Master” is like assuming that someone who goes to the gym for an hour a day want to be a personal  trainer.

The fitness “why” is about perception and how you see yourself in the scope of the overall plan.I have been a student of Tai Chi for 20 years and a teacher for 10.  Actually, I view myself more of a guide for my methods and use of Tai Chi, Qigong and the principals behind them.

I found my passion in training on balance techniques and overall mobility.  I teach Tai Chi, sure, but that is not my main goal.   My “Why as a teacher” is to teach to keep people moving and work to inspire them to stay independent as they age.

There are folks who come to classes for many reasons, and to honest, not one of them has been to become a Tai Chi master.  They just want to feel better about something in their life.

A short list of reasons they come:

  • physical balance improvement
  • mental balance improvement
  • confidence building
  • general mobility improvement
  • fun and the group dynamic
  • To learn Tai Chi and Qigong principals
  • relaxation
  • concentration and coordination improvement
  • overall health improvement
  • improved breathing

In the gyms where I teach I see the same from those who come to work out.  Perhaps some of them move on to become trainers, but for the most part, their why is to improve their life, and overall sense of well being.

As for the fitness “what”, I chose Tai Chi.  Some choose Yoga or Pilates.  Zumba and other faster paced programs like the Group fitness classes by Les Miles have raving fans in gyms across America.

Again, it is not the what, but the why that keeps them coming back.

Keep moving and choosing an honest why and you will do it for as long as you are able!




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