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Eating the elephant, a short guide to wellness

February 12, 2016

You have heard the old joke:  How do you eat an elephant?  …  One bite at a time.

Well then, how do you go from being inactive and totally unfit to more fit and healthier?  One step at a time. 

Side Kick

working on the side kick

Keep in mind, I am closing in on age 62.

I have aches and pains.

I am not a gym rat.  As a matter of fact, I really dislike gyms, hate lifting weights and don’t have a passion for having the perfect form.

But I do have a passion for Tai Chi and Qigong movement



I do want to be healthier!  It will help me as I age.

  • I can now do 16 push-ups.  I started a month ago with 2.
  • I can do better side kicks today than I could at age 55
  • I climb stairs two steps at a time, and sometimes three when my hips are not to achy
  • I eat more vegetarian meals than I did three years ago… I do like taylor ham and swiss breakfast sandwiches though.  Some thinks I just can’t give up
  • I teach 47 Tai Chi classes a month and practice when I am not teaching
  • and I am working on stress relief for my racing mind syndrome

I view each of these as works in progress.  I seek out and celebrate the little victories in each area and don’t beat myself up when I backslide.  It took 61 years to be the person I am.  It is going to take some time to modify some habits.

How is this a guide for you?  Well, it is a description of a path I have found to work towards wellness.

  • Make a few realistic goals… yes, ones you actually have a chance of attaining
  • Be better to your body, both externally and internally
  • Work at at least one or two of your goals every day
  • Be honest with yourself about your progress, both physically and mentally
  • Don’t fret
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Do it even if it not fun…  it will become fun when you see progress
  • Progress is relative

And most important, remember, one bite at a time!

To your health … Good Luck!





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