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Do you carry your fitness program with you?

February 29, 2016

I like to keep mobile.  This means walking in the woods, on trails, and in general just being out and about.

In the woods I walk on fallen trees, need to step over and around obstacles and navigate uneven rough terrain.

My fitness practice is that of Tai Chi, Qigong and a good number of exercises I have developed incorporating their principals.

What I really enjoy about them is that they require no equipment, no mats, no hand held objects, no special floor and no special place to practice them.

balance in the woods

This method of exercise and movement encourages you to make your own special places, or in fact, make any place special, any time, anywhere.

As in the photo above, balancing on the walkway over the little stream in our yard was a spur of the moment break on a walkabout. A time to enjoy the water sounds, feel the wind and bask in the sun while working on balance, mobility, control, relaxation and leg strength.

For those of you who are gym oriented, how do you take your training and apply it to your life outside the gym?



  1. Greg permalink

    I’m not sure if I can insert a photo here (I have one). I enjoy walking up to a local school, terrific ascent even though a suburban environment, usually with plenty of solitude, to a small block wall (~~2′ high or so), and, balancing on top, walk down the descent.

    Only takes a few minutes but I’ve found that the concentration is similar to yoga (which I also do), and somehow the combination of solitude, balancing, and concentration produce a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

    I retire in 3 weeks, and am looking fwd to getting to the wall regularly!

    Best, Greg


  2. Hi Greg, you may want to try Tai Chi 🙂


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