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The overhead press… you don’t need weight to feel it work

March 8, 2016

Here is a simple yet effective exercise to get your shoulders, chest and back working.

Most of you are most likely used to seeing this with weights.  In working with elder seniors, I started this with no weight to get them used to the movement. 

Now we do it extra slow and most find they feel their arms and shoulders working just with gravity pulling and the muscles from holding and guiding through the super slow movement.

When doing this exercise try these tips:

  • keep your muscles as relaxed as possible
  • when raising and lowering, count to 20 as you move from position to position.  This will help slow your pace and let you feel the muscles work without momentum aiding.
  • keep breathing.  Holding of breath is not allowed


Overhead Press

Elbow, arm and shoulder flexibility, Concentration, Coordination

  1. Start with arms hanging loose by your sides, hands in loose fists
  2. As slowly as you can, back curl, lifting your wrists up to your shoulders, palms facing forward
  3. Press straight overhead as far as comfortable
  4. Lower hands back to shoulders
  5. Uncurl back to your sides
  6. Repeat 5 -10 times


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