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A Few Ways You Can Motivate the Seniors in Your Life to Exercise

May 2, 2016

Countless studies have shown the health and wellness benefits that exercise can offer seniors. Exercise can improve arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, and many other conditions that seniors can face as they grow older. It can also boost the immune system and increase energy levels. It can even help with mental health issues, such as depression, without the side effects associated with antidepressants. However, despite these benefits, many seniors do not engage in consistent exercise.

Here are a few ways that you can encourage the seniors in your life to embrace regular physical activity.

 1) Personalize the benefits for them.

Helping the senior in your life understand how exercise can help them with a particular problem can be helpful in creating motivation. For example, if your loved one is dealing with arthritis, you can explain the ways that exercise can help to reduce symptoms. We all know that exercise is healthy in a general sense, but when the idea is personalized, it can trigger more immediate motivation.

 2) Help them find a social way to exercise.

Having a group activity to participate in several times per week can help seniors feel more inclined to exercise, because there is a social reward along with the physical one. Help your loved one find some sort of group activity such as a walking club, yoga meetup, or bowling group that they can participate in.

 3) Help them find an activity they love.

Many seniors may associate exercise with activities they dislike. However, there are endless types of exercise to choose from. Bring up a variety of options, so that they can find something they enjoy.

 4) Help them learn.

If your loved one does choose a new form of exercise, try to guide them as they learn it. If they choose yoga, for example, you can go through some simple poses with them to help them gain confidence.

These are just a few of the ways that you can encourage the seniors in your life to get the regular physical activity that they need. Don’t let excuses hold back your loved one from reaping the physical and mental benefits that regular exercise can bring.

Author Bio:

Hannah Bessinger is a freelance writer based in Raleigh, NC. She is passionate about all things health and fitness. She writes about medication management for, and she blogs about content creation at

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    My favorite research result involves how adding just one exercise class a week to your schedule reduces depression by 50%. And the benefit persists for each additional class.

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