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Change is constant, when you accept it you grow

September 14, 2016

At age 40 I began my adventure with martial arts.  A later start than most and one I wish in retrospect had started earlier.  If you believe in the universe gives you what you need, than you would say “it just wasn’t time”.  

When the time came, I was ready.

I began with a very militaristic form of martial arts called Kateda.  It was an obscure style being taught locally by a Moroccan friend I had made. The class was tough, and 18 months of weekly study put me into the best shape of my life.  And then it just stopped. The teacher left town and the class ended.

During the time of Kateda there was an older gentleman who would come and watch the class. He would shake his head and give a little Mona Lisa smile, yet did not comment much other than “I just don’t see the point”.

I turned out that he was a 10th degree Tai Kwon Do grandmaster with over 30 years of martial arts background.  It was this man, Sensei Tom, who changed my life again.

Just a few weeks after the end of Kateda, I met the sensei walking down the street of my home town. He stopped me and said “I have a Tai Chi class and you need to come”.  I asked him why and he looked into my eyes and said “YOU NEED TO COME”.  Yes, he was very firm with his meaning.

So I became a disciple and studied with him for almost 10 years and fell deeply in love with Tai Chi, the movement, the flow and the changes it was making in me personally.

It was time grow again.

I needed to make a career move. I needed to get out of where I was in my life and move on to something else. It ended up as a move to teach movement inspired by Tai Chi and the development of my own senior fitness programs.  Is is amazing what life throws as you and what you can make of what you choose to catch.

Now 22 years into the process, including a lots of self study, a few thousand hours of teaching and working with hundreds of people of all ages and maladies, I have fallen less in love with Tai Chi and more in love with it’s parent, Qigong.

I still love Tai Chi mind you, however Qigong is softer,  more meditative and geared for my aging body.  In the years I have been focusing on it as an art form I have increased my flexibility while learning move about taking care of my health and overall wellness.

The methods and movements also integrate very well into my own programs and are well received among the again boomer and seniors I work with

When I first heard about Qigong i bucked the idea of learning it. It seems I was not ready for it.

Once again, I opened my heart to the universe and let it guide me. I was ready and it is paying dividends.





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