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The funk gets to us all, but you can break it

November 15, 2016

I have to admit, the last couple of months all the negativity in the air due to the election had me in a funk.  I was avoiding all media as best I could and was having a hard time getting motivated to try to motivate anyone else.

My funk is just about over now.  I have started breathing again and focusing on my Qigong, Tai Chi and my own programs with renewed vigor.

I need it for myself and to help those who come to my classes.

The election is over, but as we can all see in news feeds and in conversations the stress is stronger now than ever.

We all need to breath.

I sent out my newsletter today  with two great breathing exercises.  As a test to see how well links work,  here is a link to the newsletter.  Let’s see how many of you want to calm your mind for renewed clarity and inner peace.

Post election stress have you caught in a loop? –

To your health,



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