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There is no good New Years Resolution to be had

January 2, 2017

Let’s start off with Happy New Year, just to get that out of the way.

About the rest of it, are you really ready to make this year the year of that “change”?

If so, what made you wait for this day.  Why did you not start last month, last week or even yesterday?

My point is, if you need to make it a resolution you are not ready for the change.

For years I have talked about this with friends and acquaintances and have had some verbal beat downs and many agreements on this topic.

Change in my opinion happens organically, an outgrowth of a condition that requires, or better yet demands it.

What changes may be physical, ranging from a move to a new location to starting to move differently, be it starting to exercise or beginning a new type of program.

It may also be a mental change, the way to view, interact or react to the situations that affect you.

The idea of making a resolution to start this change on x date really bothers me.  Giving an arbitrary point to start or stop something that is ingrained in your daily life seems fake, and seems to be why some many, if not most of these type of resolutions fail.

The ones that seem to stick are those that just happen.  Like right now I am going to —-.

Enacting and embracing change means you have had enough of what was and are ready for what will be to become what is.

Let me know if you agree.  I am really curious to see (read) what others feel about this topic.



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