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How many levels does your fitness program work at?

January 18, 2017
If you are going to spend time on a fitness program don’t you think it may make sense to practice something that will benefit as much of your body and mind as it can?
While many forms of exercise are not meant to be done daily ( as it may cause injury from overuse and wear and tear), Qigong is a form of fitness that is meant to be practiced daily, to become part of your ritual and provide total body / mind benefits.

What are some of the benefits of daily Qigong practice?
Daily practice provides benefits and improvement in
  • oxygen transfer though the bloodstream for cellular health
  • balance
  • external mobility
  • internal organ health
  • inner calmness
  • mental acuity
  • strength
  • confidence

And best of all, many of the best movements only take a few minutes.  Of course you can easily spend and hour or more but you don’t need to.

For more info, check out my ChiforLiving Facebook Page page where I post more frequently that on this blog.

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