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Take a mini Tai Chi meditative moment for health and wellness

April 7, 2017
When you are stressed, which for many people these days seems to be almost constantly, here is something fsection_reach_grabor you to try which incorporates many Tai Chi and Qigong principles
Today, just once, when you go to reach for something, say a pen or your cup of coffee, instead of mindlessly reaching out to grab it do the following.


  • Look directly at what you are reaching for
  • Relax the muscles you are going to use, from your neck, through your shoulder, bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and fingers
  • As slowly and gently as you can, let your hand “float” out toward the object, following your hand with your eyes all the way to the object, being mindful of the muscles and tension involved in each movement.
  • Gently grasp and hold the object as loosely as you can yet still support it
  • slowly bring is back, keeping as relaxed through the movement as possible.
This is an easy yet powerful semi meditation exercise that helps you calm your mind and begin to create mind / body awareness.
When practiced daily it becomes a “time out” game you can play at any time, and it may become a great healthy habit.
One Comment
  1. In my world, the meditation is reaching for something with style and grace and consciousness. Make the motion a dance.


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