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A pill is a band-aid, not a fix

May 30, 2017

As I approach my 63 year I am finding there are a few more achy parts to my body then there were at 53, but, I not as many as I would expect if I were to listen to a lot of others of my peers.

It seems I hear this a lot:  “this aging and getting old sucks”.   That is a phrase that makes me twinge.  You see, aging and getting old are not synonymous.  At least they don’t have to be.

At age 42 I took up Tai Chi and have been practicing or “playing at Tai Chi” ever since.  About 5 years ago I started with Qigong and have fallen in love with it.  I realized after the first year that I had been doing it all along.  I had a wonderful sensei who taught me more than I realized, and I find that I still find new things he showed me many years ago pop up as new to me again from time to time.

I am finding that as I age and improve my skills, I am actually able to do my Tai Chi and Qigong smoother, more effectively, with deeper squats, wider stances and better balance than I could even 5 years ago.

Getting back to the aging thing.  Many of my peers don’t exercise at all.  Surprised to hear that they are the ones who complain the most about getting old?  I’m not.

A great many of them rely solely on their personal or family doctor for their health. Even if the doctor says “you need to exercise” they ask first for a pill to take away the aches and pains so they can do something.


Just wrong!

There is so much proof in studies,  testimonials and visual evidence of exercise being the best way to not only avoid aches, pains and most illness, but to reduce or recover from them as well.

Tai Chi and Qigong are know to reduce pain, improve mobility,  aid those with chronic disease and illness,  reduce stress,  help with osteoporosis, improve mental health and attitude and on and on and on.

Yet people avoid it like it is the plague itself.  Personally, I don’t get it.

I can see being lazy, but lazy and unhappy and unhealthy?  Especially when there is something you can do about it that is gentle, fun, and yes, healthy for you.

Why do so many choose a pill as a band-aid to cover and mask their symptoms of illness instead of working to fix their problem and live a higher quality of life?

When you find out, please let me know.

One Comment
  1. I started Tai Chi at the age of 45 and resonate with your experience. I m definitely more fit and healthy than when I started. I am now 51 and hope I will be able to share your experience of health when I am 63.


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