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Looking at Tai Chi and Qigong for chronic physical or emotional pain

June 27, 2017
Do you wake up stiff and sore and think, my god, is this what life is going to be like?
There are so many types of pain. We all have some sort that we deal with on a daily basis.

Do you do have plans to do anything to help make your aches and pains easier to deal with, outside of taking an Advil, Tylenol or some other sort of pain medication? Hopefully you have not already started down the opioid route.
For many who deal with depression and stress caused by PTSD, chronic pain and other emotional issues medication usually the first route of treatment. Too often these either or ineffective or the side effects cause additional problems.
Do you know that tai chi and qigong are known for helping ease chronic physical and emotional pain?
For some, it may be the stretching and loosening of the joints, reduction of inflammation and increased mobility.
For others it may be the reduction of stress that reduces muscle tension leading to reduction of joint and nerve pain.
And for others it may be the mental change of focus that breaks the cycle concentration on pain.
For stress related disorders, tai chi and qigong are known to help calm and redirect anxiety.
Leaning how to breathe, change mindset, calm the “monkey mind” of racing thoughts and build a positive attitude are incredible tools.
Too often this form of wellness fitness is unfortunately ignored to do misunderstanding, lack of awareness and cultural bias. 
Choosing how to deal with our issues in a healthy manner is an important decision. I highly recommend you look into tai chi and qigong as a way to handle yours. If not by themselves, at least as an additional form of therapy.
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