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Happiness is a work in progress

July 12, 2017

I posted to Facebook the other day that I look for happiness and relish in it when I find it.

Someone who used to follow me saw the post and commented that they were surprised I said that.  They felt I was normally just the opposite and that I did not realize how often I sounded negative in my posts.

This comment made me stop and look at my reflection.  It made me ask myself, where is this happiness I speak of?  I feel it but yet is it did not come across to this person.

Granted, for a time in my life I was not happy with who I was or what was happening during that time.  And I chose to change.

I discovered Tai Chi and Qigong and that discovery truly began to aid in my returning to a better place. 

The introspection and self awareness brought on by nature of the arts of Tai Chi and Qigong are tremendous for this type of growth.

However, it is not magical. It is not instantaneous and is not 100 percent effective every minute of every day.

I have found, at least for myself and most others I speak with that happiness is a work in progress. And it is work.  Each day is a challenge and full of choices. You can get angry, become depressed and lash out at the little irritations and challenges that life throws at you. Or you can absorb them, learn from them and move on.

The practice of my movement arts of Tai Chi and Qigong has softened my spirit which does not mean weakened, but made it more resilient.  Where anger used to be the first in line for reactions it is now usually a smile or laugh at myself which comes first.

Notice the word usually.  That is because as I said, I am a work in progress. I get mad or angry but learned to let it go much quicker when I do.

The breathwork involved in Tai Chi and Qigong is wonderful for stress reduction.  A few short breaths and one very cool stress elimination movement work wonders at calming down the fires.

So, am I happy?  I am happier for sure.  No, I am not always happy.  I really think that is unrealistic and actually unhealthy.

I feel at though our minds and our bodies need an occasional dose of unhappiness. Sadness is a part of life.  So is not always getting what we want.

To work at ignoring the feeling of unhappiness completely and not allow ourselves to feel it works against the laws of our nature.

It is how we deal with them that is important.

My hope is that as I continue to grow in my work towards being happier it will allow me to show it better and help to inspire others to work towards a similar goal for themselves.

To your health and happiness!


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