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Ability and capability are not the same thing, but they are joined at the hip. 

July 13, 2017

Working with people is a trip.  You never know what you will hear from them or what you will see them do.

You also never know they think they can or cannot do until you ask them to try something new. In my line of work, teaching movement, balance and Tai Chi and Qigong to seniors one thing is certain.

Most of the seniors I meet think they have less capability then they do. 

As a prefect example, one woman I work with, an 83 year old told me should could not stand up straight.  She said try as she might, her spine would not allow it.

pat_stance_alignmentI had her stand and try to gently pull her upper back as far back as she could, but to stop if she felt any pain at all. Wouldn’t you know,  she ended up with a very good upright posture.

What did this show?  It let her see that she did have capability to stand upright. Her body could do it,  but she lacked the ability to do so due to lack core and overall strength and muscle control , lack of awareness of how and belief that she could not do it.

Many other seniors have told me they have no balance and that it is not worth working on something they could never get.  I have them try some sample techniques that prove they can fix their issues with some work. That with some adjustments in their stance they can balance better. Again, their perception is they have no capability to balance when they just need to improve their ability to do what their body is fully capable of.

This is not true only for seniors, it is just more obvious.

When I say obvious it is because you see the seniors struggle. They shuffle their feet, they wobble, they hunch and they look older than they would if they worked to their capabilities.

When I ask some seniors to lift their feet when they walk they tell me they can’t lift if off the floor.  When I have them use a chair for support and lift a foot off the floor they can do it.  So here it is again.  The body is capable, they just need to work on their ability to use what their body can do.

Younger folk have the same issues. I can’t do this, I can’t do that and why should I try.  I feel really bad for them as they are setting themselves up for serious aging issues.

Do me a favor.  When you hear someone say, I am not capable of doing _______.   See if you show them or help them see that with a little work they can change their life in a positive way.

Let’s change the world, one person at a time.  All it takes is an attitude adjustment for them to being a life of feeling better both physically and mentally.

To your health!



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