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Stepping back … Clarity is a learned behavior

August 7, 2017

Yeah, I remember those days in my years of both working for others and as self employed when things would go wrong and so would I.  The blowups weren’t pretty then and reviewing them now, they look even worse.

You could say I had a very reactive personality.  I still do yet it is more manageable these days.  The practice and play of Tai Chi and Qigong has helped me with that.

You have hopefully heard from myself and others about both the external and internal health benefits of the practice. You have also hopefully heard about the calming effects and subsequent relaxation you feel from it.

The benefits from Tai Chi and Qigong seem at times to be boundless.

That said, when we look at the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi practice it pays to look past the physical. It also pays to look past the practice alone and see how we can apply our learned skills in life situations.

The focus of this post is on calmness, which is something I was needing to learn greatly when I started my training.

Let’s look at this quick example.

One day I was working on a stained glass window which included the use of some very expensive imported glass.  I had purchased enough to make two windows if needed to allot for breakage.

I needed only 4 long rectangles as the design was very simple. Keep in mind, I was a very good craftsman and had years of cutting and “snapping” experience. But this day was different.  By the time I had two of the pieced I needed I had wasted half the class.  It just did not want to work with me and kept giving me bad breaks and incorrect pieces.

The more I cut, the worse it got.  I ended up with just enough, and wasted about $250 dollars worth of materials.

Emotionally during this episode, I was a wreck. I was swearing like a drunken sailor, beating myself up mentally,  throwing glass across my shop and scaring the hell out of my dog who chose to hide two stories up in a closet.

No sooner had I gotten my last good piece I looked down at the wreckage and felt like a total ass, to be blunt.

You see, I had wanted to get it done, to meet my own schedule and to prove to myself that I was better than this. I had to prove it, and that is where it all went wrong.

Today,  I would call upon my training instead.

Tai Chi and Qigong trains the mind. It works as a deep level to center ourselves, find clarity and peace.

Spending time in relaxed focus teaches us to calm the mind and view what is and be in touch with what is happening around us while you go through our movements controlled and relaxed.

This, applied to daily life, trains us to be able to step back in situations that arise, calm our mind and deal with the situation in a calm and relaxed manner.

It is not without emotion, but with emotion that is not ruling.

So what would have been different in my example if happened today?

When the first piece broke incorrectly I would step back to calm myself and assess my approach.  If the second broke incorrectly I would stop, knowing the cost of the materials and my natural tendency to let things escalate.

I would walk away knowing that not at this time, or not this day and feeling at peace with that decision.

I have used this stepping back many times and each time it become easier to call upon.  It is a learned technique.  All we have to do is allow ourselves to learn it and learn from it.

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