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Shouldering the burden of tight fascia.

August 18, 2017

How many of you find that your shoulders are always tight, and that you can feel this tightness all the way up your neck, through it’s back and sides as well.

In working with students over the years I had the epiphany that even though I asked them to relax and drop their shoulder they were unable to. Not due to tight shoulders, but to tight and locked shoulder blades.

When I began asking students to relax and drop their shoulder blades it made a world of difference. I could see their shoulder tips drop as well.  Most said it made them feel much smoother in their movements with this change.

In the last few years I have been learning about fascia, and how it relates to chi, blood and oxygen flow, and yes, pain.  This led me to learn some new techniques which I am loving.

In classes I am starting to teach a methods of using the shoulder blades to release tension in the upper body fascia. I have learned this from a course taught by Sensei Bruce Frantzis.

The benefits of this method are to help reduce the cause of back, neck and shoulder pains, including headaches.

It does take practice, first to learn to feel your shoulder blades, second, to learn to move them while keeping all else relaxed, third, to learn to disengage your muscles so that you can really get the fascia moving, and third, to actually feel the fascia move.

What is this fascia stuff?

Fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue enclosing muscles and organs.

Your blood flows through your fascia as well as oxygen (which is carried by the blood). Nerves travel though the fascia.

When is gets tight or bound, it inhibits blood flow, can cause nerve and muscle pain and overall discomfort.

Are the movements worth learning. Hell yea!

How can you learn the techniques?  Well, you can some to a group class I teach here in NW Jersey,  become a private students here in NJ Jersey, or take an online course from Bruce.  🙂

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